Race info and rules

The Goose Relay and 50K Ultra is governed by current IAAF competition rules.  Medical support is provided on the race course and aid stations are available at the exchange points, but each runner or team is responsible for providing their own hydration and nutrition during the event.

The Ultra Marathon and Relay both start at 8:00 am.  All categories will start together.

– Each Ultra competitor must have at least one support person to provide support to the runner during the event.  Contact information for each support person/team must be provided at the race package pick-up on September 9.

– Split times will be recorded for each Ultra competitor at 10K intervals.

– Times will be recorded for each relay runner on each leg of the relay.  Results will be based on the over-all time for each team at the finish at Sooke Potholes.

– Each exchange point will be clearly marked.  The relay runner for each stage will start with a hand tag from the runner on the previous stage within the marked exchange area.

All runners will wear the appropriate race number bib affixed to the front of their clothing so as to be clearly visible from the front.

Traffic control will be provided during the event.  The course is, however, open to the public and each participant is responsible for their conduct on the course.  Rules of the road apply, and unless directed otherwise by event marshals participants will give vehicles right of way at uncontrolled road crossings.  Be considerate of cyclists and pedestrians using the trail.  All support vehicles are subject to the rules of the road during the event and failure to obey traffic laws may result in the disqualification of the team or runner.

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Rob briefing runners

The consumption of alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs during the event is prohibited and may result in disqualification.

Pacing of runners by motorized or non-motorized vehicles during the event is prohibited and may lead to disqualification.

Providing support and encouragement to runners and teammates during the event is encouraged.  Support should be provided at locations where The Galloping Goose Trail crosses roadways along the route.  There are many road crossings along the route and teams and support persons are advised to familiarize themselves with these locations.

There is private property adjacent to the trail along much of the event route and participants must respect this private property.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Teams and runners are responsible for arranging their own transportation before, during, and after the event.

There is a cut off for traffic control along the route.  Teams or Ultra Runners failing to leave each exchange by the designated cut off time will not be guaranteed that the road crossings will be controlled by Race Officials.  Participants will be allowed to continue on the route but must exercise caution and yield to traffic when crossing roadways.

The cut off times are as follows for each exchange:

Exchange #1 – 9:00

Exchange #2- 10:00

Exchange #3 – 11:00

Exchange #4 – 12:00